#she’s so CUTE you don’t understand #i couldn’t fit it in here but when scott brings her dinner and she’s like haha no you’re still not getting the car #but i’m taking the food ty i love u bye :)






How Girls Take A Shower

dont forget the part where you pretend you’re having a really sad moment in the rain

#ur missing when I waterbend

And the period shower where you stand and watch the blood flowing down the drain as if you just got back from a war or brawl.

As a girl I can confirm that all of this happens.


Push-ups and kisses for all eternity.


Push-ups and kisses for all eternity.

The slippery slope towards sex addiction: a story by Kurt Hummel

the thing about klaine is that they both made me angry in this episode and that has never happened before



"Next time you’re going through something like this, you have to be honest with me" -Kurt Hummel

Didn’t he realize Blaine has been reaching for him earlier on.


I have chlamydia.

You know what I absolutely fucking hate

When people choose a person over you and then when they have no one else they come running back to you. No, fuck you. Fuck you for not being there for me when I needed you. fuck you for never making an effort to see me because you had someone else

How I feel about Klaine right now:


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batkonehat asked: "God let me love your tags about when the tables turn. Blaine was always generous to Kurt. And while Kurt was too sometimes, he also throws shit in Blaine's face constantly. He did it again this ep with Eli c."


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